A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Crate Buddy

Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2019 entry

A crate lover finds the only crate in existence and they set off on a journey together.
Make sure to bring your crate with you to the next level.
(Browser version here works but downloadable version is more stable)

Controls: (xbox 360 button labels)

Move: WASD, (Directions)
Jump:  Space, (A)
Grab/Throw:  J, Left Mouse Button, (X)
Kick: K, Right Mouse Button, (B)
Drop: Down + Throw
Reset: R, (back)
Restart From First Level: Kick + Reset

Fullscreen Toggle: F11


Crate Buddy - Windows 10 MB
Crate Buddy - Linux 12 MB


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hello! you should probably mention in the instructions that you have to carry the crate through the door with you.


good call