You are a buildslime, you can carry and place objects.
Smack stuff together and maybe you can craft new things!
But you don't have anything to build with, oh no.
Maybe if you take a few jobs you can get materials to build your house.

Now featuring saving, and a book to help you figure out how to make stuff!

Keyboard controls:
Menu - Enter/Esc
Move - Arrow Keys
Pickup/Drop/Menu Select - Space
Rotate - Hold Space + Arrow Keys
Smack/Menu Back - Z
Strafe - X
Rewind - Backspace
Quick View Job - Tab

Gamepad controls (Xbox 360 names for example, works with other controllers):
Menu - Start
Move - Dpad/Left Thumbstick
Pickup/Drop/Select - A
Rotate - Hold A + Directions
Smack/Menu Back - B
Smack (alt) - X
Strafe - Right Trigger
Rewind - Right Bumper

Quick View Job - Left Trigger

Originally made for ICT Game Jam Summer 2019

By Charlie Burnham

Tools used inclued Aseprite, Godot 3.1, and Bfxr


Jam version - linux (old) 12 MB
Jam version - windows (old) 10 MB
Buildslime 1.5.2 - Linux 12 MB
Buildslime 1.5.2 - Windows 10 MB

Development log

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